Why Did the Narcissist

Target You?

The Narcissist targeted you because they got the impression that you were easy to manipulate. 

Narcissists look for a certain traits in their victims. They look for those who they think will  give in to their mind games. Below are some traits that Narcissist look for in their victims. 


1. Emphatic People 

  • Narcissists look for those who feel sorry for other people's misfortune. They target those who are caring in nature and those effortlessly help others. Eventually, narcissists will use your empathy as a tool to trick you into fighting for your dead-end relationship, as it crumbles. 

2. Giving People 

  • Narcissists look for people who give without complaining. This means that they can take full advantage of your giving nature. 

3. Those with high (or low) self esteem

  • People with high self esteem make a Narcissist jealous. Since he, himself has low self esteem, he finds joy in knocking down people who are confident. 

  • ​To a Narcissist, someone with low self esteem is easy to manipulate. 

4. Family or Emotional Trauma

  • Narcissists like to take advantage of those who have suffered some type of past or current trauma. This target may be easy to manipulate because they may be looking for some type of security or protection and they would expect their intimate partner to help them heal from it. 

5. Go Getters

  • Narcissists target those who are passionate about the careers or dreams. Like those with high self esteem, Narcissists can't wait to tear down Go Getters. Why? Jealousy;  he isn't confident enough to go after his own dreams, so he wan'ts to ruin yours. 

Narcissists may also target younger women or men because they have yet to experience real heartache. They may also consider younger people naive enough to fall for their mind games. 

Caution: You are just an experiment to the Narcissist. If you pass their malicious tests, you will soon suffer.