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Narcissistic Abuse

Gracie Phoenix

Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse

Welcome! This website is to bring awareness to Narcissistic & Emotional Abuse, which is another form of domestic violence. Coming from a survivor of a Covert Narcissistic Ex-Husband, I can tell you that I knew something was wrong from the very beginning, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Many others are in similar situations, or worse. I'm here to shed some light on Narcissistic & Emotional Abuse and to share my story. Thank you all for listening.


Peace and Blessings.

- Gracie Phoenix

Rise From the Ashes Movie Trailer 

Toronoto Finalist.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festival Internatio
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Image
HVFF Best Actress Nom 2018 - Gracie Phoe
Nominee  - Best Short Film  - Hollywood
(W - 2019) OFFICIAL SELECTION - Audience
TOronoto Best Female Producer-Director.p
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Inshort Film Festiv
TOronoto Best Female Producer-Director.p
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