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Rise From the Ashes is about Narcissistic Abuse, which is a form of abuse that is mostly verbal & psychological, but still leads to emotional trauma in victims. Inspired by true events, Rise From the Ashes presents a story of Gracie Phoenix, the marriage she suffered through and the journey of how she met her ex-husband...which was by-way of another Narcissist.


Logline: A beautiful, independent, young woman is swept off her feet by a narcissistic married African man, who takes her on a luxurious trip to Africa; then she’s unknowingly passed off, like an unwanted puppy to his buddy; also a narcissist who marries her for his own personal gain.


The purpose for creating this film is to advise potential victims to trust their instincts and recognize the warning signs of abuse, because it's not always physical.


Being married to a covert narcissist, Gracie always sensed bizarre and unusual behavior from her ex-husband... She felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t put a finger on it.


From the beginning, his mannerisms were very difficult to interpret. It started with the "Silent Treatment". He would ignore her for hours or days and she couldn't figure out why. She later learned that this is a technique used by emotional manipulators called: "The Silent Treatment". This is just one of the many tactics that narcissists use to cause confusion and worry in their victims.


Other behaviors or “Red Flags” that caught Gracie's attention was that her ex-husband seemed to display immense difficulty apologizing or acknowledging his actions. He demonstrated an extreme lack of empathy for others and struggled to take feedback or criticism. His behavior suggested that he avidly enjoyed the spotlight; hijacking conversations, talking about ONLY himself and his imaginary “accomplishments”.


Pathological lying was The Big "Kicker". Instead of owning up to the truth, even when I presented proof, he would either call me crazy, say I'm too sensitive or go on a complete rampage. This form of abuse is called Gaslighting. It's a sneaky tactic that narcissists use to confuse their victims and make them feel like they're going crazy. It makes the victim question their own memory, judgement and sanity.


The lying was constant and utterly blatant. He would even go as far as to falsely convince his close friends that he was involved in extravagant events that Phoenix experienced prior to their dating. This pattern of lying never ceased, and the lies only got bigger and less believable.


When Gracie finally decided to save herself and her children from her emotionally abusive marriage that was taking a toll on her sanity, she began to write... She found writing to be therapeutic. Eventually her writing turned into a story, which quickly evolved into a script... and Rise From The Ashes was born.


I hope you enjoy the trailer. Please visit the website below for updates and please share with other victims of emotional abuse. Let's heal each other. I know it's traumatic, but we can move up and move on together.




-Gracie Phoenix

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