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Gracie Phoenix is a survivor of a narcissistic ex-husband. Though there are several levels to narcissism, there are patterns and the patterns don't lie. Gracie was a radio and TV personality until she took her life lessons and decided to help others. Her passion for spreading awareness on narcissistic abuse surpasses any of her previous interests. 

The Educated Empath movement was designed to put the power back into the hands of survivors and victims of abuse. Education on this type of psychological abuse is the best weapon against being manipulated again. Like they say: "An Educated Empath is the narcissists' worst nightmare."

In order to move passed your pain, you need to educate yourself because while you're waiting on closure from the narcissist, they have already moved on. Awareness, success and happiness is the best revenge on a narcissist. 

We all have our moments where we can't bare the pain. It's a lot for one person to handle alone. Often, the "victim" has no one to turn to because abusers isolate their victims from friends and family so that they can be abusive in private. Meanwhile, the you suffer in silence and it's difficult for anyone outside of the relationship to empathize with you because they didn't witness the abuse you suffered. Most people won't understand the "silent abuse" that you're experiencing and what it can do to the psyche, even after you leave the abuser.


The reason this sort of abuse so damaging is because narcissists play calculated mind games that slowly chip away at your self-esteem, making you feel dependent on them for almost everything. Victims get wrapped up in that one act of kindness that abusers display at random, leaving you hopeful that  they have miraculously "changed". It's a vicious cycle! Don't fall for it and DON'T be a victim anymore. 

Join the movement and go from Victim to Survivor to Educated Empath!

To learn more about Gracie, please visit the movie website. She shares a personal and in-depth view of her journey through a narcissistic abusive marriage. It also has general information on narcissistic abuse and a ton of information on her film as well, including the actual movie trailer and poster.

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