Resilience  Full Logo with Perfume Bottl

Resilience Perfume is a women’s fragrance, designed by Gracie Phoenix. This soft, yet potent perfume is blended with essential oils and has a delightful tropical/musk scent that declares dominance and lasts all day long! Resilience fits easily in your purse or pocket and is small enough for travel. 

Gracie calls her fragrance“Resilience” because after surviving domestic violence, she was inspired to reach other women by showing the world how we, as women, are able to overcome and “Bounce Back” after any crisis! 

Resilience is ONE fragrance, bottled in six different colors. When you place you order, you will be surprised by what color you receive. Make sure to collect all 6! 

10% Off Summer Discount Code: Love2019

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to victims of Domestic Violence.